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Custom Software Solutions...

KGS offers a variety of custom software solutions tailored to fit your needs. Our experience in the real world industry and proven track record of timely, quality solutions will solve your technology challenges.

The KGS development team can design and develop a unique software application that matches the way you do business. When designing a 'custom solution,' the workflows and procedures that exist in your current business operations are used as a basis for the software design. The software typically becomes a reflection of the way you do business, not the other way around.

Our development can help our clients leverage the years of investment in their existing business systems, or solve other business challenges with external systems, by offering the ability to integrate these solutions.

Our consulting services incorporate identifying and analysing technological issues and opportunities for the purpose of achieving your business objectives.

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" We had all of our files collected in one go and allowed KGS to manage the retrievals requests. The Budget on Demand services helped us clear space instantly and by spreading the cost of archiving over an 8 month period we had the best of both worlds. "

Steve Marsh - Thames Sunlight UK Ltd