KGS Associates Limited Document Scanning Services
Water, fire and Asbestos document recovery.

It’s not until an unprecedented event takes place that you realise how vulnerable a company can become when faced with the prospect of not having direct access to important documents. Water fire and Asbestos agitation is commonplace disaster affecting companies across the UK each year. At KGS we have a team of experienced and highly trained team members with hands on experience at disaster sites that can help minimise the expected loss of documents from unseen events. There is almost no situation where we cannot restore documents, quickly, efficiently and with a minimum amount of disruption.

Our asbestos recovery services are tailor made to work with an asbestos contractor who we can help train to use document management equipment from within the contamination area. Duel functionality PCs and scanners enable both contractors to carry out the safe conversion of paper documents and it's eventual confidential destruction.

In the event of any unforeseen document contamination please call 01276 692277 immediately

" By switching from Iron Mountain to KGS Associates we saved over 40% of our yearly archiving budget and reduced our file retrieval time by an average of 16 hours! "

Sue Jones - Bupa Cromwell