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KGS Associates Limited is an expert in book scanning solutions with over 28 years of old and rare archiving expertise. Our ability to provide a custom solution for our client’s book scanning requirements is a indication to our many years experience in this area. We work closely with our customers to identify with their individual requirements, basically what we have to work with. In some cases we are driven by a time based deliverable, in others it may be budgetary constraints, in some cases we are called upon to digitise delicate, historic and precious book materials and as a result we provide effective solutions.

The complete loss of all business critical documents

• A consideration of the organisation's vulnerabilities to those risks.

• Identification and provision of resources and infrastructure to support the critical functions of the business.

• Determine the communication requirements before, during and after a disruption.

Here at KGS our experienced staff members can help you put in place off-site solutions to cover the loss of critical document as the result of unforeseen events.

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" We told KGS what we wanted and when we wanted it and they delivered beyond our expectations. "

Simon Kay - Boarder Finance Ltd