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KGS has a team of committed and qualified individuals who deliver unrivalled technical expertise backed by the providers of market leading software solutions. We have a wealth of know-how and understanding in developing and implementing authentic solutions for the financial, insurance, Police Authoritys, IFA and government sectors. KGS Associates background and scope enable us to identify and respond to the wider industry needs ensuring that quality and service cannot be beaten.

Smart companies appreciate that it is necessary to find methods to free up their workforce time to achieve essential tasks critical to business performance, achieving this by outsourcing all responsibilities and services that are not as mission critical.

KGS Associates Limited has helped businesses in this capacity for more than 30 years, specialising in data archiving and related services from our company's inception, with a varied and broad base of experience in the document archiving arena compared to the majority of service providers in the marketplace today.

Our document scanning services are accurate, fast, and affordable. Plus we can handle a wide range of bespoked projects and assistance converting to a 'paperless office' environment through backfile scanning services.

Save your investment pounds - our state-of-the-art secure production facility is safe, efficient and accurate, plus allows for the quick development of custom data archive applications to service your unique business processes. We have the ability to quickly produce jobs requiring sophisticated formatting and editing. Our methods are time-tested and cost-effective, providing consistent and accurate results for all types of projects.

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" We told KGS what we wanted and when we wanted it and they delivered beyond our expectations. "

Simon Kay - Boarder Finance Ltd