KGS Associates Limited Document Scanning Services
Large Format Scanning...

Implementing the very latest Context scanners KGS are able to scan all types of large format drawings up to A0 in size and up to 600 dpi. Typically drawings are indexed by drawing number, job number, issue, date, revision number or by any other named fields.

People involved in construction or engineering will be familiar with the problems of storing and retrieving maps, surveys, drawings and plans. KGS Associates can scan documents up to A0 size and return them in convenient and portable digital files.

Maps, drawings and plans can be scanned in both colour and black and white to a maximum resolution of 600 dpi. Scanned documents can be supplied in many different formats including but not limited to TIFF, PDF and JPG. Our PDF image compression services allow us to take large PDF scanned images down to convenient file sizes even if they are scanned in full colour.

Common large format documents that KGS Associates Limited archive include:

• Architectural drawings

• Engineering drawings

• Geological maps & surveys

• Street maps

• Arial photos

• Satellite images

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