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Microfilm Scanning...

There is always a demand for information, so as a system develops its always good to look back at your previous archiving solutions. Important data that exists on microfilm may need to be converted to digital files for easier distribution and rapid access. KGS specialises in providing this service, we have the ability and the experience to handle any size job with accuracy and exacting quality standards.

Microfilm Scanning

KGS specialises in converting film-based systems to more sophisticated electronic document management systems. We have the ability to convert data from:

• 16mm roll film

• 35mm roll film

• 105mm roll film

• Jackets

• Fiche

Image Format Options

To ensure system integration, image files are output to the media of your choice, in the format and file structure specified. We can deliver data via CD, DVD, KGSOnline, FTP. We support all standard formats including: TIFF, JPEG, BMP, GIF, Adobe PDF, among others.

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" We had all of our files collected in one go and allowed KGS to manage the retrievals requests. The Budget on Demand services helped us clear space instantly and by spreading the cost of archiving over an 8 month period we had the best of both worlds. "

Steve Marsh - Thames Sunlight UK Ltd