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Scan-on-Demand service addresses the problem faced by many companies of whether to scan documents or not. Sometimes the cost of scanning everything can be too expensive - so KGS Associates has developed the ideal solution.

Designed to address a client's back-file of traditional paper records, large or small Scan on Demand services combine record storage, document conversion and typically a document management system or solution in a cost effective way.

Rather than convert the entire back-file, it is entered into one of our record storage facilities. Boxes and files are entered into a tracking solution for access usually catalogued by the file details. When files are needed, rather than pull the file and send in a traditional man and van fashion, it is scanned and converted to electronic image. The electronic version of the file is then made available to the client in a number of ways.

You simply request documentation. We retrieve the file, prep it, scan it, and either e-mail it or post it on our Web site. Your authorised users can view the file from their desktops in as little as 15 minutes. If up-front costs have prevented you from implementing a hosted imaging solution, KGS Associates Scan-on-Demand enables you to build your imaging archive on an as-needed basis. Simply pay as you go, and begin using KGS solutions without scanning volumes of information right away.

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" We told KGS what we wanted and when we wanted it and they delivered beyond our expectations. "

Simon Kay - Boarder Finance Ltd