KGS Associates Limited Document Scanning Services
Document Preservation………

At KGS the utmost care is taken when it comes to the scanning and duplication of older and more delicate hard to find document. Everything we do is governed by your requirements based around the condition of the documents to make absolutely sure that the documents remain in the same condition that they came to us in. Of course we treat all the records we scan with the greatest of respect but we understand that there will always be a few cases that require special attention; we use only our most experienced staff to complete this work.

As part of this service we deal with hundreds of rare and one-off books per year and have been trusted with books from right back in the 13th century up to the present day. With our solutions you can be assured that we will treat your documents with the greatest of respect.

For more information or to arrange a demonstration please give us a call on 01276 692277

" By switching from Iron Mountain to KGS Associates we saved over 40% of our yearly archiving budget and reduced our file retrieval time by an average of 16 hours! "

Sue Jones - Bupa Cromwell