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Based on ABBYY's superior data capture and document recognition technologies, ABBYY FlexiCapture provides a comprehensive solution to process multiple types of paper documents in a single stream and accurately transform them into usable data. With it's powerful algorithm for intelligent document classification and selective processing approach, ABBYY FlexiCapture 10.0 serves as a single entry point for all kind of paper documents including:

• forms (questionnaires, tests, insurance forms, tax returns, etc.),

• semi-structured documents (invoices, purchase orders, waybills, etc.)

• unstructured documents (letters, contracts, articles, etc.).

In order to translate a paper form to digital format for additional processing two simple stages must be carried out:

• Information, which is characteristically hand written into a form, must be read and captured from separate fields

• The forms themselves have to be adapted to digital format and transferred in to document image archives

In most cases forms processing is considered complete as soon as all of the key information is extracted, verified and saved in a database. FlexiCapture helps streamline and automate this process through four easy steps:

• A stack of papers is run through a high speed scanner

• FlexiCapture reads the forms and automatically recognises the data in each field

• Characters in the form that are not recognised are sent to an operator to be verified

• After successful verification the data is exported to a designated backend system (database, ERP, DMS, SAP, SharePoint, etc.)

ABBYY FlexiCapture helps make the most of data coming into an organisation by translating paper documents into usable data that can be directly applied to business problems, systems, and activities in a way that dramatically improves results. Businesses can quickly and easily leverage the features of FlexiCapture 8.0 to streamline business processes, reduce costs and serve customers more effectively.

• Single Entry Point for Any Kind of Documents

• Quick Payback and ROI

• High-Quality Data Output

• Automation

• Simple Deployment

• Expandability and Scalability

Documents of all types are automatically classified and processed without requiring additional modules or software. Since FlexiCapture intelligently classifies incoming data, users need not take time to manually pre-sort documents or to manually insert separator or cover pages prior to processing. Users can define capture scenarios that include repeatable pages and flexible page order. Typically, the need for key operator labour can be reduced by 50 to 70 percent.

KGS staff have been trained in all aspects of Flexicapture and are able to carry out implementation and create templates. Call us for more details

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