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Alchemy document management software creates a digital file cabinet for your organisation, a trusted digital archive where you can securely store any document type and then find it within seconds, even years later.

You can store any file format and index on to a Alchemy Self Launch CD, COLD data, audio or video, text and any other PC file. A single CD can contain multiple Alchemy databases and the same database can be distributed over multiple CDs. Each database can be organized into folders and unlimited subfolders.

We have been creating Alchemy Self Launch CD applications for over 20 years and have the capability to digitally convert any number of document types via our Alchemy Document Scanning processes; we can even continue databases created by other document bureaus or in-house operations.

The Alchemy Search client is for content consumers, providing read-only access to Alchemy repositories on a LAN/WAN or on portable optical discs such as CD or DVD. There are two types of Search clients - a Windows desktop client to view repositories on a LAN/WAN or on portable optical discs such as CD, and an Internet Explorer client for Web access. Search client licenses allow for access using both types of clients on the same Alchemy Server. Web access also requires the Alchemy Web license

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" We had all of our files collected in one go and allowed KGS to manage the retrievals requests. The Budget on Demand services helped us clear space instantly and by spreading the cost of archiving over an 8 month period we had the best of both worlds. "

Steve Marsh - Thames Sunlight UK Ltd