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Document capture makes it easier for organisations to manage incoming documents, to extract insight for analytics, expedite caseloads, file patient claims or other processes. For example, courts could use document capture software to quickly collect information so paralegals, solicitors and judges can review information for a pending case more efficiently -- eliminating any delay in processing a case.

Datacap data extraction technology automates the conversion of unstructured and physical data -- email files, PDF, Word, Excel, zipped files - into actionable insight in seconds. It eliminates physical handling and accelerates the dissemination of information throughout an organisation. With the Datacap products, IBM ECM provides a comprehensive portfolio of production-level document capture and high speed data extraction capabilities to help companies reduce their paper consumption and more efficiently disseminate information across the organization.

" By switching from Iron Mountain to KGS Associates we saved over 40% of our yearly archiving budget and reduced our file retrieval time by an average of 16 hours! "

Sue Jones - Bupa Cromwell