KGS Associates Limited Document Scanning Services

ZyLAB develops award-winning information access solutions and robust proprietary technologies for enterprise search; records, e-mail, document and knowledge management; compliance support; and e-discovery and e-disclosure. All of our solutions include full installation, project management and integration services.

Zylab are especially strong in the compliance and legal sectors and are aggressively expanding into the fast growing e-discovery market, which is finding real value in our advanced capabilities for multi language support, searching, content analytics, document reviewing, and e-mail and records management (for both scanned and electronic documents). Overall, Zylab have sold an astounding 1.7 million user licenses through more than 9,000 installations.

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" By switching from Iron Mountain to KGS Associates we saved over 40% of our yearly archiving budget and reduced our file retrieval time by an average of 16 hours! "

Sue Jones - Bupa Cromwell