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Document Management Keeping it Simple

Document Management is the most efficient way to control an organisation's documents and their retrieval, the history of the document including how and when documents are created, reviewed, published, utilised, retained and destroyed are also important parts of records management. In the past, document management was a challenge most likely tackled by larger organisations due to the sheer volume of documents they were required to manage. Document Management Software was also priced to fit the budget of larger organisations . Smaller organisations and teams are however increasingly requiring better control of their document lifecycle.

At KGS we feel that each client's requirements is different and because of this we have not aligned ourselves to any particular software house, this means we can use our vast experience to put forward software solutions which we feel will perform to your requirements and budget. A well-designed document management system is flexible enough to support both rigid workflows around document and other record creation, retention and destruction, thus ensuring that you meet your legal obligations, as well as a more losely structured environment that may better support collaboration.

" By switching from Iron Mountain to KGS Associates we saved over 40% of our yearly archiving budget and reduced our file retrieval time by an average of 16 hours! "

Sue Jones - Bupa Cromwell